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eyetec is one of the only three companies worldwide authorized to provide certified micrometre Leak Test Samples. These samples contain high-precision laser-drilled pinholes for Container Closure Integrity Testing (CCIT), studies and qualification of leak test equipment. eyetec is the only company that also offers 3D measurements and images of the pinholes along with the products

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Leak Test Samples are created to deliberately identify leaks. Leak tests establish machine sensitivity and prove pharmaceutical filling equipment efficacy.

eyetec provides Leak Test Samples with varying micrometre pinhole sizes, in different types of primary packaging materials, depending on the customer’s requirements. All samples are delivered with a certificate indicating the pinhole size and flow rate. Because of the centrally located production facilities, Eyetec ensures expeditious delivery of all Leak Test Samples.

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Because of its combined experience in both compliance as well as technical aspects of pharmaceutical manufacturing, backed up by more than twenty years of experience in GMP manufacturing.
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