Karlijn, a skilled lab operator at eyetec, is set to participate in a comprehensive training course hosted at the prestigious Körber Pharma Inspection Site. 

A crucial role in qualification and validation 

Visual inspection test sets play a crucial role in the qualification of operators and the validation of visual inspection systems. They ensure compliance with stringent pharmaceutical regulations, GMP requirements and company-specific quality standards. As we navigate the complexities of the pharmaceutical landscape, these test sets become instrumental in maintaining the highest standards. 

The uniqueness and challenges of test sets 

Test sets are not one-size-fits-all solutions, they are uniquely crafted and formulated based on both product specifications and manufacturing processes. Its variability regarding size, content and purpose makes management along the life cycle of a test set even more difficult. Starting from the creation of a test set to the vision evaluation up to the correct application along the manufacturing process reflects the high level of complexity. 

Specialization in Visual Inspection Test Sets 

At eyetec, we specialize in the creation of Visual Inspection Test Sets. This learning experience at PDA EU00186 will be invaluable in refining our approach and staying at the forefront of industry standards. 

Karlijn representing eyetec 

We take pride in having Karlijn represent eyetec in this educational venture. As she participates in the workshops and training sessions, we eagerly anticipate applying the knowledge gained to elevate our practices within this specific industry. 

Stay tuned for updates! 

Stay tuned for more updates from Markt Schwaben as we immerse ourselves in the world of visual inspection, learning and continuous improvement. We're excited to share the experience with you.