test samples

eyetec is a leading international expert in Visual Inspection (VI) and Container Closure Integrity Testing (CCIT)

We provide certified Leak Test Samples (LTS) for testing and qualification of CCIT equipment and Particle Test Samples (PTS) for Visual Inspection.

leak test samples

eyetec is one of the only companies worldwide providing certified micrometre Leak Test Samples for the pharmaceutical industry. These samples contain high-precision laser-drilled pinholes for Container Closure Integrity Testing (CCIT), studies and qualification of leak test equipment. eyetec also offers 3D measurements and images of the pinholes along with the product.


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particle test samples

eyetec provides Visual inspection test sets such as our Particle Test Samples (PTS). Visual inspection test sets are used to assess and validate the performance of Visual Inspection systems and operators in the pharmaceutical and other industries such as the cosmetics industry. These sets typically consist of standardized samples that simulate various types of defects and foreign matter that might be encountered in real products. By using these test sets, companies can ensure the accuracy, consistency and reliability of their visual inspection processes.

The inserted particles can vary in nature and size, ranging from glass or rubber splinters of around 80 microns to fibres of up to 3000 microns. Each particle is measured: this involves ultramicroscopic measurements determining the size of the particle, typically in micrometers (µm). But also other product characteristics can be taken into account such as colour, turbidity, surface tension of viscosity. We can develop and produce placebos to mimic your product. The measurement data for each particle and test set is documented. Ultramicroscopic images with dimensions of each particle are included.

eyetec also produces other product defects, like over and under filled samples, turbidity or colour variations and container defects such as cracks, scratches, or cap and crimp defects.

Today, we provide all the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies with Particle Test Samples.

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