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Because of the in-depth equipment expertise, eyetec is a certified partner for all GMP after-sales services. We offer assistance on mechanical, electrical, automation and vision issues. In addition to our own brand portfolio, we provide aftercare and maintenance for all brands of pharmaceutical equipment, with a strong focus on washers, autoclaves, and Automated Visual Inspection Equipment.

All our engineers are trained by the equipment manufacturer and have had in-house continuous GMP training. 


after-sales services

Due to the years of experience, eyetec has acquired vast technical, mechanical, and product knowledge which translates into solid advice on project basis. eyetec also has a trusted network of accredited engineers who are readily deployable worldwide to intervene in case of electrical, and mechanical issues and fault repair. Depending on the demand, eyetec can bring in, install, and connect different types of machinery. After installation eyetec can monitor and ensure factory and site acceptance testing (FAT / SAT) and qualification.

Preventive maintenance consists of routine checks to verify that all appliances are in good condition and function according to set standards. These preventative reviews ensure that all supplier specifications are met, and that production can run smoothly. Regularly scheduled preventive maintenance is a GMP requirement. Corrective maintenance involves repairs and alterations after unexpected failures, errors, or breakdowns. After an assessment is made, eyetec experts will determine an action plan to resolve the issues as swiftly as possible. 


Ensure your pharmaceutical equipment is installed, operates and performs flawlessly with eyetec’s comprehensive IQ OQ PQ services. From rigorous installation qualifications that guarantee correct setup to performance qualifications under actual production conditions, we ensure every aspect of your equipment meets stringent industry standards.  

To ensure that the measurements of a device are legitimate, calibration is needed. During calibration each critical measurement of a device is compared to a traceable reference standard. When the results deviate from the standard, the associated sensor needs to be adjusted. Proper equipment calibration is a GMP requirement.

The eyetec warehouse holds spare parts for all our Benelux customers. Due to the centrally located storage, we are able to guarantee an expeditious delivery of critical parts to our customers to avoid delays in production. All our parts are delivered with the right certification.

The eyetec trainer creates and teaches instructions or methodologies according to the company procedures and industry requirements. The hands-on trainings are specifically created for the facility and production units. eyetec also develops and teaches specific QP and QA training on new legislation, regulations, and in house procedures.

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eyetec is a trusted partner for healthcare industries

Because of its combined experience in both compliance as well as technical aspects of pharmaceutical manufacturing, backed up by more than twenty years of experience in GMP manufacturing.
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