1. General information

Your privacy is of utmost importance to us at eyetec. We are committed to processing your personal data in a correct, legal and transparent manner. This privacy statement outlines the personal data we collect and process concerning you as a natural person.

Throughout this privacy statement, references to “you” pertain to our customers, potential future customers or other stakeholders, such as beneficiaries or company contact persons.

We urge you to carefully review this information to understand how we utilize your data. Additionally, this statement provides details about your privacy rights and how you can exercise them.

2. Who is responsible for this privacy policy?

eyetec, located at ‘Kemelbeekstraat 80D 2460 Tielen’, is responsible for this privacy policy. For any questions or comments, please contact us at the above-mentioned address or via email at [email protected].

3. Changes and updates

We reserve the right to modify this privacy policy at any time, especially concerning changes to our services or applicable legislation. Therefore, we recommend regularly reviewing this privacy statement.

We will make efforts to inform you personally of significant changes and will ask for your consent where necessary.

4. Data collection

We collect personal data necessary for fulfilling agreements between eyetec and its customers. This includes data required for identification, contact and providing accurate advice.

Personal data collected may include your name, address, email address and telephone number. Additional information may be sought to represent our client’s interests effectively, with transparent communication regarding the purpose of such data collection.

eyetec may obtain data from third parties if publicly available, such as through websites, blogs or social media profiles. This may also include data from publicly accessible sources like the Central Database for Enterprises, Graydon or Companyweb. Standard data is also collected and processed through Google Analytics.

5. For what purposes do we use the compiled personal data?

  • Identifying you;
  • Contacting you;
  • Providing our services;
  • Analyzing and improving our services;
  • Direct marketing to inform you about our product offerings;

Personal data is not intentionally transferred to third parties.

6. Your privacy

  • Data review: you have the right to review the data we process about you. Simply let us know if you wish to view this information. If you exercise your right of access, we will provide you with a comprehensive overview of your data. Please note that certain personal details from traditional backup files, logs, history or archive files may not be immediately available in this overview as they are not part of the currently processed personal data. However, these details are removed from these files according to standard cleanup processes.
  • Data correction: if you find that some data we have recorded about you is incorrect or outdated, you can request to have it corrected or completed at any time.
  • Data deletion: if you suspect that we are unlawfully processing certain data, you have the right to request its deletion.
  • Objection to data use:if you disagree with the way we process certain data, you can object to it. We will grant this right of objection unless there are compelling grounds not to do so, such as when we process data to combat fraud.
  • Refusal of automated processing: you have the right to refuse fully automated data processing. If you disagree with the result of a fully automated process, please contact us.
  • Data transfer request: you can request that the personal data you have provided be transferred to you or directly to a third party. Please note that privacy legislation imposes restrictions on this right, and it may not apply to all data.
  • Exercising your rights: when exercising your rights, please be as specific as possible to enable us to handle your request accurately. We may ask for a copy of your identity card to verify your identity and prevent unauthorized access to your data.

For any questions or comments regarding your privacy rights, please contact us via email at [email protected]. This is your first contact point for privacy-related inquiries.

7. Data retention

We use your personal data for a specific purpose. If we no longer have a purpose, the data will be deleted. We adhere to legal retention periods, typically up to 10 years after the conclusion of a contract or transaction. However, we may extend this period if necessary to exercise our rights. In cases where there’s no prescribed legal retention period, we opt for shorter retention periods.

In certain instances, such as conducting studies or developing risk and marketing models, a longer retention period may be warranted to gain valuable insights. In such cases, we may extend the retention period by up to 10 years beyond the standard duration. We prioritize anonymization or aggregation of data as soon as possible, ensuring individual identities are dissociated. This allows us to work with aggregated or pseudonymized data, preserving your privacy while maximizing data utility.

8. Data processing partners

We engage various processors for personal data processing, including ICT service providers such as Microsoft, social media platforms and companies supporting user behavior analysis on our applications and websites and hosting companies.

9. Data Security

At eyetec, we prioritize the secure handling of your data. Various security technologies and measures are therefore used to adequately protect your data against unauthorised access, use, loss or disclosure. Unfortunately, the exchange of information through the Internet is never 100% secure. Although we make every effort to safeguard the security of your data, we cannot guarantee this in absolute terms ourselves.