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eyetec is a trusted saler of different types of machinery used in the healthcare and pharmaceutical sector such as washing machines, autoclaves, isolators, freezers, powder handling systems and manual visual inspection booths.

In accordance with the customers’ requirements eyetec helps to select, deliver, install or custom build machines for washing, sanitation or sterilisation, isolation, freezing and Visual Inspection.


eyetec designs and manufactures visual inspection stations for Manual Visual Inspection of pharmaceutical parenteral products, in accordance with the main Pharmacopoeia (Ph.Eur., USP and JP) and based on years of practical experience in Manual Visual Inspection.

eyetec distributes a broad variety of industrial washing machines from the reputed Italian manufacturer Steelco. These pharmaceutical washing machines for GMP production adhere to the highest quality standards to avoid contamination and ensure an immaculate cleaning and drying process. Washing machines can be custom-built conform the customer’s requirements.

eyetec also offers Steelco laboratory washing machines. These standard machines are designed for laboratory purposes and are intended for washing and sanitizing laboratory glassware and equipment.

eyetec supplies two types of production autoclaves or sterilisers, both by Steelco. Equipment autoclaves are used to sterilise equipment (e.g., filling line) parts with saturated steam after washing. Product autoclaves are used to sterilise finished products in their primary containers.

eyetec also offers Steelco laboratory autoclaves. These standard machines are designed for laboratory purposes and are intended for sterilizing laboratory glassware and equipment or for end-sterilization of non-GMP products. Additionally, these autoclaves can be fitted with options to make them suitable for decontamination of bio-waste.

For the isolators, eyetec  represents the Italian manufacturer, Comecer. There are three main types of isolators that adopt high-tech isolation technology to guarantee a sterile environment. Positive pressure isolators ensure a clean and sterile environment for product protection. Negative pressure isolators are used to protect the operator while working with highly toxic substances. Sterility Test Isolators are used for testing samples in microbiology laboratories to avoid false-positive tests. Comecer also has a specific division, dedicated to developing and building isolators for the production of ATMP (Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products), where the largest part of the manual process is conducted under the purest possible conditions due to an integrated incubator or centrifuge.

eyetec sells different types of scientific fridges and freezers by Angelantoni Life Sciences (ALS). eyetec offers standard cooling and freezing units for storing incoming goods or cooling pharmaceutical products with temperatures ranging between 2 to 8 degrees Celsius and -20 to -80 degrees Celsius. eyetec also provides smaller under-bench applications for compact areas such as laboratories. In addition to these standard units, eyetec  also pilots the design and build process of tailor-made cold rooms for large-scale storage of temperature-sensitive medicines or starting materials. Specifically for ATMP, Angelantoni offers mix-up prevention functionalities, as well as controlled freezing and defrosting.

eyetec sells and installs GMP powder and solids handling systems from the renowned Italian company Luperini. Safety, functionality and compliance with cGMP characterize this machinery. We offer standard as well as custom solutions. This I-POT is a high-shear mixer, granulator and dryer (One Step). With the 'One Step' version the whole working process, from product loading, mixing, granulation, drying, is performed in the same machine avoiding problems of contamination and product loss that can occur when transferring powder from a traditional granulator to an FBD. Artificial intelligence can be applied to this machine. 


Luperini column lifters can lift, mix, position, feed and unload. They can be used to feed compressor-type machines, to mix and discharge into other containers or simply to calibrate products in line. This machinery is suitable for sterile applications.

Mixing powders and granules with Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBC) is highly efficient. This I-TUMBLER is a Luperini IBC bin mixer mechanically designed for durability and reliability. Adding Artificial Intelligence to the machine is optional. The machine can learn the production process on its own, using its 'senses', finding a way to continuously improve the final product. eyetec sells different types of Luperini mixers. 


The series of accessories proposed by Luperini brings reliable, high-performance, and efficient solutions that can be used on the brand’s own machines, as well as on existing systems. This I-Binding Solution Vessel is a mobile unit for binder solutions and generic liquids. Its design meets aseptic standards for manufacture of pharmaceuticals and comply with good manufacturing practice (GMP). eyetec can customize a wide range of products able to fulfill the specific needs of the most difficult production processes.

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