In March 2023, our Lab Operator team consisting of Lore, Karlijn, and Dorien participated in the Advipro Aseptic Techniques training program. This comprehensive program focuses on the essential aspects of maintaining a sterile environment in pharmaceutical manufacturing, but is equally important when manufacturing our positive controls, known also as Particle Test Samples (PTS). 

Through this program, our team members have developed a thorough understanding of the critical role of aseptic techniques in creating and maintaining a sterile environment within the cleanroom. From proper gowning and hand hygiene to environmental monitoring and contamination control, the training program covered a wide range of topics that are crucial for ensuring product quality and safety. The purpose of implementing these measures is to prevent any potential microbial or other forms of contamination in the final product, specifically referring to Particle Test Samples (PTS) in the case of eyetec. 

When manufacturing positive controls, it is common practice to use our client's own finished Drug Product, which often doesn’t contain any preservatives. In case of a contamination, this would render the samples ineffective for their intended purpose, as it would impact their visual appearance. 

In situations involving the use of a placebo, we make it a priority to minimize the addition of high concentrations of preservatives. This approach is taken to avoid any negative effects on the placebo's visual appearance or other important characteristics such as viscosity or surface tension. By limiting the use of preservatives, we place a greater emphasis on adhering to Good Aseptic Techniques to ensure the highest level of quality and integrity. 

Driving Continuous Improvement 

With their newly acquired knowledge and skills, our Lab Operators are at the forefront of driving continuous improvement within our aseptic manufacturing processes. By applying aseptic techniques and implementing best practices, they contribute to minimizing the risk of contamination and enhancing overall operational efficiency. 

Aseptic techniques certification  

Equipped with enhanced knowledge and skills, Lore, Karlijn, and Dorien are well-prepared to ensure the safety and quality of our cleanroom operations. By continually investing in our team's professional growth, we reaffirm our commitment to upholding the highest standards in pharmaceutical manufacturing. Empowering our employees and nurturing their growth through easily accessible training and professional development opportunities is at the core of our mission. 

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