Visual Inspection Test Sets

Visual Inspection Test Sets

A Visual Inspection Test Set typically consists of a mix of defect-free units and others intentionally equipped with known defects. These defects might range from particles of specific sizes to physical damages like scratches or improper sealing. The primary purpose of these test sets is to evaluate the probability of defect detection, validate automated systems and train inspectors. 

The inserted particles can vary in nature and size, ranging from glass or rubber splinters of around 80 microns to fibres of up to 3000 microns. Each particle is measured using ultramicroscopic techniques to determine its size, usually in micrometers (µm). But also other product characteristics can be taken into account such as colour, turbidity, surface tension of viscosity. We can develop and produce placebos to mimic your product. The measurement data for each particle and test set is documented. Ultramicroscopic images with dimensions of each particle are included.

eyetec also produces other product defects, including overfilled and underfilled samples, turbidity or colour variations and container defects such as cracks, scratches, or cap and crimp defects.

Today, we supply Visual Inspection Test Sets to leading pharmaceutical companies worldwide.

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Visual Inspection Test Sets are used to test and qualify the effectiveness of the methods and equipment used during the visual inspection process of aseptic products. eyetec started with visual inspection (VI) but gradually introduced its own samples to the market in addition to Visual Inspection & CCIT consultancy services.  

This allows eyetec to guide pharmaceutical customers through the entire process. To avoid contamination, our Visual Inspection Test Sets are meticulously produced in a controlled environment, operating within a state-of-the-art laminar flow booth. Before releasing the samples to the client, they are double checked on a semi-automatic visual inspection device.

We guarantee swift worldwide delivery. eyetec is ISO 9001:2015 certified for the production of Visual Inspection Test Sets.

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