The Visual Inspection Forum on 9 and 10 April in Münich covers new developments in the field of visual inspection, including a basic understanding of the inspection process, special requirements for difficult-to-inspect products, particle characterization, practical aspects of manual and automated methods, and the regulatory and compendial requirements like those found in the update of Annex 1 or USP <1790>. Download our factsheet (scroll down on the page) to discover how eyetec’s Visual Inspection Test Sets can help assure the accuracy, consistency and reliability of your visual inspection processes. 

Don’t miss out: our scientific poster presentation about our latest Probability of Detection (PoD) study

The Parenteral Packaging Conference on 23 and 24 April in Copenhagen will delve into 'Navigating Complexity: Quality, Innovation, and Supply Chain Resilience in Packaging.' This theme addresses the crucial challenges and innovations in today’s pharmaceutical packaging industry. Meet our Visual Inspection and CCIT specialist Bram Keymolen at tabletop #17 and discover how eyetec’s CCIT samples can address your specific needs in packaging integrity and compliance with regulatory standards. For more detailed insights into our CCIT solutions, download our CCIT samples factsheet (scroll down on the page). 

eyetec stands ready to engage, inform and collaborate with industry professionals. Our participation underscores our dedication to innovation, quality and the advancement of pharmaceutical inspection and packaging. We look forward to connecting with you at these events and together pushing the boundaries of what's possible in our industry.