Our new working space will house offices, a new state of the art lab and a warehouse. Besides a place to work, it will also be a place to meet and engage with colleagues and clients. The construction of our new headquarters is a big milestone in the history of eyetec.

Currently our offices are located in the Open Manufacturing Campus, the beating heart of an innovative production ecosystem in Turnhout that offers housing to start-ups and scale-ups. But as eyetec is growing we needed a bigger space. Time to build a comfortable and favourable space for all of our employees. We found this space in Tielen, in between Turnhout and Herentals. 

To build our brand new headquarters we lay a clear focus on wellbeing. We want to create a workplace that balances work and wellbeing, a place for meeting, interaction, collaboration and knowledge sharing. Digital transformation and today’s new corporate cultures have transformed the way we work. At eyetec we will create a clear, accessible space that stimulates dynamic interaction. Offices are no longer private, restricted spaces, but a place for productivity and teamwork.

Our new headquarters will give space to 20 employees. Also our new state of the art lab with a laminar flow booth, designed to be an isolated and sterile environment, will be integrated in the building. Next to this, the eyetec warehouse with critical spare parts for pharmaceutical machines will be housed in our headquarters in Tielen. 

The opening of our new headquarters is planned for the end of 2022.

eyetec is building a new HQ