The aim of pharmaceutical engineering is to ensure that medicinal products are manufactured in a safe, efficient and cost-effective manner, while ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements – known as the Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). At eyetec, we specialize in providing pharmaceutical engineering solutions to our clients in the pharmaceutical industry, with a strong focus on visual inspection of parenteral medicinal products and custom-designed pharmaceutical washers and autoclaves. 

Key elements of pharmaceutical engineering 

Pharmaceutical engineering involves several key elements that must be carefully considered to ensure the production of safe and effective pharmaceutical products. Data integrity, avoidance of cross-contamination, cleanability and sanitary design are examples of such elements. At eyetec, we have a team of highly experienced pharmaceutical engineers who can help you to ensure that your pharmaceutical manufacturing process is efficient and compliant with regulatory requirements. eyetec serves as the authorized distributor and after-sales partner for various top-tier pharmaceutical machinery brands in Benelux. Leveraging their extensive knowledge of regulatory and business demands, along with in-depth product know-how, eyetec offers the most appropriate and effective equipment solutions for pharmaceutical manufacturing operations. eyetec has direct lines to the technical departments of equipment manufacturers we collaborate with. 


Services offered by eyetec in pharmaceutical engineering 

Some of the key services offered by eyetec in pharmaceutical engineering and their importance in the development and production of high-quality pharmaceutical products. 

  • Process design and optimization: eyetec's experienced engineers can help clients design and optimize their pharmaceutical manufacturing processes to improve product quality and reduce costs. This includes process mapping, process characterization, process optimization, and risk assessment. 

  • Equipment selection: eyetec provides equipment selection services to ensure that the equipment used in the manufacturing process meets regulatory requirements and is functioning properly. Especially in the field of Visual Inspection.  

  • Equipment validation: eyetec provides equipment selection and validation services to ensure that the equipment used in the manufacturing process meets regulatory requirements and is functioning properly. This includes equipment qualification, validation protocols and performance qualification. 

  • Regulatory compliance: eyetec's team of regulatory experts can help clients navigate the complex regulatory landscape of the pharmaceutical industry. This includes regulatory strategy development, dossier preparation, submission support, and compliance monitoring. 

  • Training and support: eyetec offers training and support services to ensure that clients have the knowledge and skills necessary to operate their pharmaceutical manufacturing processes effectively and safely. This includes training on equipment operation GMP compliance, and process optimization. 

Overall, eyetec's services in pharmaceutical engineering are designed to help clients optimize their manufacturing processes, ensure regulatory compliance and ultimately deliver high-quality pharmaceutical products to patients.  

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