eyetec is proud to support Hippo & Friends for the second consecutive year as they participate in the Baloise Antwerp 10 Miles this Sunday🏃‍♀️ Our commitment as a partner to healthcare companies extends to supporting organizations dedicated to groundbreaking scientific research, like the Hippo & Friends Type 1 Diabetes Fund. 

The Hippo & Friends Type 1 Diabetes Fund is committed to achieving a world without type 1 diabetes. Their highest goal involves: 

  • Supporting research: funding scientific studies into the causes and progression of type 1 diabetes and the development of new medications and treatments aimed at prevention and cure. 
  • Listening to patients: engaging with patients directly to ensure that the research addresses their needs and experiences. 
  • Raising awareness: correcting common misconceptions about type 1 diabetes, a chronic autoimmune disease that indiscriminately affects healthy children and young adults. 

Through their participation in the Baloise Antwerp 10 Miles, this organisation raises money. We are proud to contribute to their efforts! 

Did you know?

An estimated 50,000 Belgians suffer from type 1 diabetes. It’s a chronic condition that strikes also children and young adolescents, deeply affecting them and their families. In these patients, the cells responsible for producing insulin are destroyed, a fact that underscores the urgent need for research and support. 


Join us in supporting this vital cause. 

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