Between 10 and 16 September, several eyetec employees will partake in the annual seven-day mountain bike race put together by Duchenne Heroes, a non-profit organization dedicated to researching for the cure and treatment of Duchenne’s disease. The net proceeds of Duchenne Heroes will go to the Duchenne Parent Project (DPP) and will directly support the overall project.

Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy is a congenital muscular disorder that affects 1 in 5000 children worldwide, mainly boys. People with Duchenne's disease lack an important protein that strengthens muscle cells. The condition causes muscles to gradually weaken and deteriorate over time. By the age of ten, children with Duchenne’s often already have difficulty walking, eventually leaving them wheelchair bound. Muscle function in the arms also becomes affected and the respiratory system will gradually falter. Eventually the disease will also affect the heart muscle, causing it to weaken and eventually give out, making the disease fatal for those born with it.

Currently, there is no existing cure for children with Duchenne’s. This is why Duchenne Heroes concentrates on research into cures and treatment plans for people with Duchenne’s. The organization wants to improve medical care for people suffering with the disease and perhaps offer them a better life quality and expectancy.

The eyetec team dedicates its participation to “Go for Gijs”, an initiative to support Gijs Lenaerts, a boy from Oud-Turnhout who was born with Duchenne’s disease in 2008.

Will you help make a difference for Gijs and other children with Duchenne’s? You can help us raise funds through the sponsorship page of Go for Gijs on the website of Duchenne Heroes.

Let’s make a difference together! And we thank you on behalf of all Duchenne’s sufferers for your kind support.


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