Ever wondered what a pharmaceutical engineer does on a daily basis and what skills are required for the role? We sat down with Robin to shed light on these questions and get a glimpse into his work. As a pharmaceutical process engineer, Robin focuses on optimizing the performance of cutting-edge pharmaceutical inspection machines like Visual Inspection and CCIT machines. His responsibilities include programming vision software, qualifying new products on inspection lines, optimizing hardware and software parameters, enhancing the high voltage inspection process for detecting leaking containers, reducing false reject rates, and ensuring a high detection rate of defects while optimizing yield.

What does your job as a pharmaceutical process engineer involve? 

"I carry out vision-technical process optimisations on high-tech pharmaceutical inspection machines such as Visual Inspection and Container Closure Integrity Testing (CCIT) machines. This includes:

  • Programming of Vision Software
  • Qualification of new products on new or existing Inspection Lines by using both defect test kits and good samples
  • Optimising both hardware and software parameters to ensure a smooth product handling and image capture of the products
  • Optimising the High Voltage Inspection process to ensure a good detection of leaking containers on CCIT machine
  • Reducing False Reject Rates and optimising yield on AVI and CCIT machines while maintaining a high detection rate of defects
  • Writing and reviewing Design and Qualification Documentation such as URS, FDS, SDS, FAT/SAT protocols, Engineering Protocols, IQ/OQ and PQ Protcols."

What did you study? 

"I studied Industrial Automation at KU Leuven Campus Geel. I have always been fascinated by processes and in discovering ways to improve them. Therefore, Industrial Engineering was an obvious choice for me. My  role as a process engineer in the pharmaceutical industry offers me the perfect opportunity to put my skills and knowledge into practice."

What do you like about your job as process engineer? 

"I enjoy the diverse nature of my work, as I collaborate with various customers, work with different machines and requirements each time. From engineering work at customer sites to documenting and writing qualification, validation, and engineering protocols at eyetec's offices, my job is both rewarding and challenging. I often work in state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, which makes it exciting. Because of the diversity in the work I do, I never know what the day will bring."

What do you like most about eyetec? 

'What I appreciate most about working at eyetec is the level of control and freedom I have in my role. I value the expertise and fellowship of my  highly skilled colleagues, creating an engaging and sociable atmosphere. The relationships go beyond the workplace, as my colleagues have become friends and we even meet up outside of work. Additionally, eyetec provides opportunities for personal and professional development, such as attending various training programs. I recently completed an Excel programming training and I am excited to embark on a Python course next."

What's your favourite indoor/outdoor activity? 

"Outside of work, I love to stay active. Whether it's indoor football, regular football, or playing padel, I find joy in keeping physically engaged."


At eyetec, we are proud to have dedicated professionals like Robin who contribute their expertise and passion to deliver exceptional results for our clients.